A network of indexers,
for Bitcoin native assets.

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[Open Protocol Indexer]

Robust & reliable indexing client
for protocols on Bitcoin.

%100 Open-Source

Built on a foundation of transparency and collaboration.

Modular & Extensible

Optimized for BRC-20 & Modules. Can support any protocol on Bitcoin.

Fast API

Out-of-the box API support. Start building in minutes.

OPI Full Node
Computes full protocol state, including BRC-20, Runes, SNS, Swap Module & Programmable Module.
Hardware Requirements

~1.5 TB disk space*,
~16 GB ram
*includes Bitcoin Full node

OPI Light Client
Fastest & cheapest way for builders to access verified BRC-20 state.
Hardware Requirements

~30-50 GB disk space*,
~1 GB ram
*depending on chosen db type

[BRC-20 Programmable Module]



Enabling endless use-cases for BRC-20.

No bridges, no L2s, pure Bitcoin.

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OPI is built & maintained
by [Best in Slot]

We welcome & highly value contributions to the codebase.